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David Vaughan Head Designer / Photographer

David L Vaughan

David has been immersed in the design and graphics game since the days of waxers, rubylith and photostats (none of which are musical groups). Let's call it 35+ years... as a designer, art director, photographer, editor or manager, providing a myriad of services to a diverse range of clients, large and small: from Proctor & Gamble, Scotiabank, BIC, Bell, Hakim Optical, Embassy Flavours, Canadian Tire, Revlon, Mr Lube, Airport Development Corporation and Wholesale Medical Network, to "Main St." start-ups and small businesses. Cutting his teeth as a cub reporter in the cut-throat world of high-school yearbook production, David went on to work in newspaper and magazine publishing... editing, shooting, writing and laying it all out.

He's also pretty handy with pencil and paint, enjoys adventure travel (the more back-water, the better), scuba, and collecting art, music... well, everything.

EMAIL david@hotlegdesigns.com
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PHONE 613 532-1771

Richard Rudy Web Monkey / Social Media Junkie

Richard Rudy

Richard is our resident "web guy." He's been designing web sites since the early 90's, so in internet terms that makes him ancient. When he's not designing, coding, shooting, or ranting about web standards, good ux design, or coffee, he's usually on the twitters. Oh!... He also makes a mean apple pie!

EMAIL rick@hotlegdesigns.com
TWITTER @thezenmonkey
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PERSONAL SITE designplusawesome.com