What is LEG?
And just who are these Extraordinary Gentlemen... (and Ladies)?

LEG is a multi-disciplinary design collective dedicated to providing our clients with creative and efficient media solutions.

Our designers bring decades of experience to the table, working for a diverse list of clients, in a wide range of disciplines.

Instead of specializing, LEG employs specialists… giving our clients the benefits of versatility and streamlined costs! If some aspect of an assignment is beyond the scope of our core team, we draw on a list of talented freelancers to fill the gap.

Think of LEG as a one-stop-design-shop with a roster of media professionals tailored to your specific needs. We keep it lean! No idle hands standing around the cappuccino machine, no fleet of executive limousines… (the helicopter is a nice touch though.)

You only pay for what you need!

Call 613-532-1771 or email david@hotLEGdesigns.com... we're pleased to quote on any project.

What we do
DesignPhotographyWebVideoEditingMusic Production

LEG's professional expertise is eclectic, specializing in graphic design and photography, but excelling in combining these and other disciplines.

Our core designers have decades of experience building and developing brands, working with everything from billion dollar brands to mom and pop shops.

Check out the wide range of services we offer.